How I Seduced a Guy on Webcam using Dildo & Anal Beads

I still remember my first webcam chat with this cute 22 year old Aussie guy. It was a cold winter night and I was totally bored. I wanted to do something different and since my roommate had gone to her boyfriend’s, the entire house was mine. I wore this cute baby blue colored lingerie and watched a bit of porn. Just when the couple got to the intercourse, I was bored since it all seemed so monotonous. 

I had heard of webcam chats so much that I always wanted to try it. I switched on my laptop and went to this chat room, where I met Nick. The moment I saw him on his cam, I was completely turned on. My pussy was already moist after looking at him, only in his blue shorts. When he told me to turn on my cam, I jokingly said that I would like to turn him on. When I saw the naughty expression on his face, I took it as a challenge. 

As soon as I turned on the cam, he was stunned to see me. My lingerie was too exposing and after a few moments, I could feel him rubbing himself between his legs over and over again. After exchanging a few words, I squeezed my boobs naughtily and winked on the cam. He asked me if I liked the ordinary way of having sex or anal as well; I said I could do both at the same time. 

I got the lotion from the bathroom, along with my dildo and my friend’s anal beads. He was completely aroused to see the stuff in my hands. At first, I stripped in front of the cam and licked my nipple, pinching the other one. I could see him rubbing himself down there. I then put a bit of lotion on the dildo and played with it over my clitoris. My open hair rubbed against my nipples and I kept opening and pressing my lips over and over again. I watched him take off his shorts the moment I entered the dildo into my pussy, which was so wet that it slipped inside in almost no time at all. I rubbed my clit with my thumb, as my hole kept eating my dildo and feeling its warmth.  

Just when I was about to get an orgasm, I stopped myself and took the anal beads in my hands. I had to apply a little bit of lotion on it to easily insert it into my ‘other hole.’ I placed the dildo on the bed and humped it, as my right hand inserted the anal beads into me and the other hand pinched my nipple. When I looked at him rubbing his penis on the cam with a seductive expression on his face, I felt his tongue on my nipple and his long fingers mercilessly rubbing my clit. In a few seconds, I exploded. I could see a few white drops on the screen and I smiled as I understood what it was!